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[140718 TLP Shanghai] Luhan said that Tao should bring his phone to the jungle, Tao said it’s no use because there would be no signal then Yixing said, “You can take selcas!?”


cr. 灿软妹 

[14/07/18 TAO’S MEIPAI] 我们在一起两年多了~ 经历了那么多的喜怒哀乐, 我是个男人,在舞台上受伤对我来说算什么你们还不知道吗? 不要再担心啦~ 好好休息明天演唱会见 ♥

(we’ve been together for 2 years~ have experienced a lot of different emotions. I’m a man, how i feel when i get injured on stage… didn’t you all know it already? Don’t worry about me anymore~ take some good rest, see you tomorrow at the concert ♥)